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October 12, 2006

Dr. Frankie Wood-Black, Director of Consent Decree Compliance, ConocoPhillips, 10-13-06

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Dr. Frankie Wood-Black is the Director of Consent Decree Compliance at ConocoPhillips. Her responsibilities are focused on supporting refinery compliance with the Benzene, Hazardous Air Pollutant, and Leak Detection and Repair regulations. Dr. Wood-Black also supports compliance with the Toxic Substance Control Act.

Dr. Wood-Black received a B.S. in physics from Central State University (now the University of Central Oklahoma), a Ph.D. in physics, and an M.B.A. from Oklahoma State University. She was previously the Director of Business Services for Downstream Technology, the Technology Services marketing manager for Phillips Petroleum, and quality assurance team leader at the Borger Refinery and NGL Center.

Dr. Wood-Black has been active in numerous professional activities and serves as the ConocoPhillips representative for Corporation Associates of the American Chemical Society. She is a contributing editor of the Journal for Chemical Health and Safety with her coauthored column, "CHAS Netways." Dr. Wood-Black has one patent, several technical publications, and has coauthored a book entitled Emergency Preparedness Planning—A Primer for Chemists. She regularly makes presentations at the American Chemical Society national meetings and is a registered environmental manager.

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