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January 18, 2006

Dr. Graham Cooks, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University, 1/11/06

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Dr. Graham Cooks is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University where he has spent the bulk of his career. His interests involve construction of mass spectrometers as well as their use in fundamental studies and applications. The latter interest led to construction of miniature ion trap mass spectrometers and their application to problems of trace chemical agent detection.

Dr. Cooks's work on ionization methods has led to the desorption electrospray ionization procedure for ambient mass spectrometry. Applications of this method in security and in pharmaceutical and clinical applications are in development. Dr. Cooks’s group is also interested in molecular chirality (“handedness”) and the possible role of the amino acid serine in the biochemical origins of life.

Dr. Cooks is a past President of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry and is on the boards of a number of scientific journals. He has been instrumental in several start-up companies in Indiana and has been honored by awards from the American Chemical Society and other organizations. His work is highly cited (one of the 100 most-cited chemists) and he has trained 95 Ph.D. students in analytical chemistry.

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